Develop a social media plan for your event

“I want to share with you all the details and steps needed for you to develop your own social media plan for your local or regional conference, festival or event. I have worked on dozens of events within Australia to leverage and market events through social media.”


Learn how to create a social media plan for local and regional events, festivals and conferences from planning to execution and reporting.

We go through 6 modules which include short videos and PDF guides. After completing this course you will feel confident & inspired to sit down and write a social media plan for your conference or event.

From planning to execution and reporting, this online course will show you how to develop your own event social media plan.

This course covers:

  • Why social media for events is important
  • The top social media platforms being used in Australia
  • Who is using each social platform
  • What is a hashtag and steps for selecting your event hashtag
  • Hashtag pitfalls
  • Setting or clarifying social media objectives
  • Developing a social media crisis plan
  • Content development and when and what to post to social media
  • Pre, during and post event social media content and actions
  • How to report on your social media activities including a reporting template

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